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Kid's Puzzle game

My Role

  • Worked as Product Designer.
  • Define product goals and user needs.
  • Functional specification (key feature breakdown).
  • Interaction Design (Wireframes created using Adobe Illustrator)
  • Visual design created using Adobe Illustrator.
Market Research

Analyzing trending game

Competitive Analysis

Competitve Analysis

What did I find ?

Limitation in existing products

Inspirational design ideas

Overall User Experience

Usability Standards

Research Insights

Inception Icon
  • Linear interaction flow augments usability in an arcade.
  • Make intuitive interface by creating old-school visual style.
Design Icon

  • No new innovative gameplay in arcade game domain.
  • Gameplay screen must be reached within 2 clicks.
Scoping & Refining

Rendering User Needs

sketch sketch sketch sketch sketch


What did I find?

Sketching helped visualize the site flow.

After few iterations I narrowed the scope to the most basic needs.

Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe


What did I find?

Clarification on app features.

It helped me push usability to the forefront.

Concrete site map was finalized.

Presenting Jamble

  • Unscramble answers of question from various categories.
  • Earn badges and medals upon clearing levels.
  • Limited Skip over questions allowed in each questions.

Easily Save & Fetch Coupons

Introduced Help Screen

From player testing results I realized that few players were not able to conceive the gameplay within 3 tries.

Therefore, introduced how to play screen.

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Delighted player experience

By player testing various gameplay interactions I found a usable swipe and move interaction.

Locking the movement of unscrambled letters reduced player fatigue, thus increasing gameplay hours.

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Adaptive Difficulty

To make the game entertaining at all levels the difficulty mode is adaptive.

Answering a question wrong gives the next question easier.

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Earn Level Badge

I found that adding level feature in game encouraged player retention.

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