CafeGenie Intro

UX Gofer

UX research assistant platform

My Role

  • Worked in a team with 3 people.
  • Conducted user research by conducting user research & persona creation.
  • Conducted comparative analysis.
  • Performed heuristic analysis and usability test on website
Exploring product

Gaining product understanding


Interaction Map

What did I make?

Gained experience in generating a static representation of UX Gofer.

It helped me gain a thorough understanding of its scope and variation needs.

Comparative Analysis

Comparative Analysis

Why did I do?

Compared direct, indirect, partial & parallel comparators based on different criteria.

It helped me get a better sense of what features and qualities are expected among products in a similar space.

Formative Research

Understanding target audience

UserInterview UserInterview

User Interview & Perosna

What did I do?

Interviewd 2 users.

Created interview plans & research questions.

Based on interview anaswers I created a persona.

Survey Analysis Survey Analysis

Survey Analysis

What did I do ?

Designed research goals & questions.

Determined target population & recruitment strategy.

Created survey questions.

Usability testing

Finding usability problems


Heuristic Analysis

What did I do?

I defined scope of Heuristic evaluation and applied Nielsen’s heuristics to UX Gofer.

Found usability problems in UX Gofer by judging user interface compliance with Nielsen’s usability principles.

UsabilityTesting UsabilityTesting

Usability Testing

What did I do ?

Created usability test plan and interview questions.

I distilled down my observations to a set of key findings, which has greatest value for client.

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