Mazoyd Intro


A puzzle mobile game.

My Role

  • Worked as Product Designer.
  • Define product goals and user needs.
  • Functional specification (key feature breakdown).
  • Interaction Design (Wireframes created using Adobe Illustrator)
  • Visual design created using Adobe Illustrator.
Market Research

Analyzing trending game

Competitive Analysis

Competitve Analysis

What did I find ?

Limitation in existing products

Inspirational design ideas

Overall User Experience

Usability Standards

Research Insights

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  • Linear interaction flow augments usability in a puzzle game.
  • Make intuitive interface by creating trending minimal design.
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  • No new innovative gameplay in puzzle game domain.
  • Player wants to play different level simultaneously.
  • Gameplay screen must reached within 2 clicks.
Scoping & Refining

Rendering User Needs



What did I find?

Sketching helped visualize the site flow.

After few iterations I narrowed the scope to the most basic needs.



What did I find?

Clarification on app features.

It helped me push usability to the forefront.

Concrete site map was finalized.

Presenting Mazoyd

  • Solve different variety of puzzles.
  • Three different world can be play simultaneously.
  • Unlock puzzles and challenges and share with your friends.

Multi-world linear level arrangement

Multi-world linear level arrangement

Player gets demotivated & uninstalls the game if they get stuck on a level.

Non-linear arrangement of stages helped in player retention.

Levels with different challenges

Levels with different challenges

Finding a key to unlock the finish point and reach it in limited time.

Collecting all the diamonds to unlock and reach the finish point.

Assist Mazoyd to reach the finish point in limited fuel supply.

Share accomplishments with friends

Share accomplishments with friends

Social share feature to optimize social growth of game.

Gives player a sense of accomplishment among friends.

Unlock Quest & achievements

Unlock Quest & achievements

Clear levels in game and unlock quest.

Share these quest and brag among friends.

Play it on your mobile

Live on App Store

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