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KPCB Fellowship - Design Challenge

Presenting Uber Product Ideas

  • Interviewed 11 Uber drivers & several riders
  • Came up with 4 new ideas for Uber (2 each for Driver & Rider app)

Search with distance
For Riders

Search with Distance

Displaying destination distances during searching will improve rider's search experience.

This is helpful specially when destinations with similar name are spread across an area.

For example, when riders are planning to go to Mc Donald or StarBucks

Search with distance
For Riders

Estimated Travel Time

Estimated travel time for an improved informative user experience.

Will help the riders to plan their travel conveniently.

For Drivers

Uber Desire

Contains two section

First section: Driver greets a rider in his/her preferred language/style. The greeting word can be learned through reading the greeting text or listening (by tapping on the text).

For example Holá! Mr. Garcia or Nǐ hǎo,! Mr. Lee.

Second section: Based on feedback from a rider, analyze each rider's personality.

Present the driver with information about their rider's interests and likes, while the driver is waiting for them.

The driver can behave accordingly, to make the journey comfortable and impressive for the rider.

For Drivers

Uber Wisdom

Suggest tips to the driver to improve their service, while he/she is looking for a new ride.

These tips can be personalized for each driver. Personalization data can be fetched from feedback obtained from riders.

For example, if a driver keeps his car neat and tidy, suggest him, to add car perfume to make the car environment excellent.

This will increase driver engangement with the app.

Uber Desire

Design Process

The Problem

Rider feel as stranger

The environment of the car must not make rider feel strange. To avoid this, drivers play a key role here. If they knew a bit about rider's like/dislikes, before rider boards, then they can tune the environment of the car which will make rider feel welcomed.

User Research

Discovering Needs & Goals

User Research Questions

Formative User Research

What did I do?

11 Uber driver interview

Several rider interview

Analysed driver's approach to make their rider comfortable.

Competitive Analysis

Customer Journey

What was it?

Studied driver journey for one trip for one rider.

Analysed drivers mental model.

Listed high and low points of driver's emotions.

Scoping & Refining

Rendering User Needs



What did I find ?

Sketching helped visualize the site flow.

After few iterations I narrowed the scope to the most basic needs.

Wireframe Wireframe


What did I find?

Clarification on app features.

It helped me push usability to the forefront.