InTune Intro


Open the app and music automatically starts to play based on your current mood. Imagine a concept watch that is constantly monitoring your mood and works in conjunction with an app. Music lovers can view analytics of between their mood and music to get insights. If feeling sad then, via quick settings, change to happy songs without making any effort to organize any playlist. Easily browse to personalize favorite artist, albums, etc in one click.

My Role

  • I did this project in a group of total 4 people.
  • Planned & conducted generative user research.
  • Independently designed wireframes & UI. The tools Sketch and Illustrator. I created the interaction using Framer and Invision app.
The Problem

Is Music matching your mood?

Music listeners want to listen to their favorite or new music that matches their mood but are not motivated to organize playlist or find new music.

generative research

  • Planned and conducted 8 user interviews.
  • Created Persona & Information flow diagram to understand people relationship with music.
  • Executed experience sampling for 7 days to record mood data.

validating hypothesis

User Interview & Survey

hypothesis hypothesis hypothesis hypothesis hypothesis
  • Interviewed 8 people to learn about their behaviour and validate the hypotheses that people actually want to listen to music based on their mood.
  • The questions asked; How important is music for people? Do listeners actually match music with their mood? Can music change the mood? What kind of wearable do people wear and are they comfortable sharing that data with the app? Are people comfortable with watch recording their face to recognize their mood? How do they discover new music or listen to their favorite music?
  • Key findings were that music is an essential part of people's lives and they engage with it on regular basis. Relationship with music is complex. It sometimes reflects how people feeling while sometime change the way people feel. People were willing to try new sensor, however, were reluctant with facial recognition.
  • To find what kind of analytics people are interested in seeing we threw a survey in our class and got 30 responses.
  • The questions asked; How important do people feel to see analytics? What kind of analytics are they interested, like mood over artists or album, mood over the location? Apart from mood and music are people also interested in knowing about their heart rate or skin temperature change with music? How do they want the activity to be broken down, by day, week, etc.? How often do people check analytics of their fitness app?
Memorable users


Persona Persona Persona
  • During user interviews, I observed that couple (who are in a relationship) dedicate music to each other. Their music consumption and engagement increases when they share music with each other. Therefore, a couple as persona can also be considered since they create a unique user journey and engender new use cases for business.
Data Measurement Strategy

Experience Sampling

  • To validate the feasibility of this concept I planned experience sampling and executed it on myself for 7 days, 4 times a day.
  • The data points recorded were; Instant selfie to measure mood from facial expression. What is the current mood? What activity is being performed? If listening to music what kind of music it is? Is music putting you into the different mood?
  • Using Microsoft Emotion API, I created a program that extracted emotion from a selfie. However, I get conscious while taking a selfie, the facial expression changed which caused an aberration in the result.
Scoping & Refining

Rendering User Needs

Sketching Sketching Sketching Sketching Sketching



Clarification on website features.

It helped me push usability to the forefront.

Concrete site map was finalized.

Presenting InTune

  • Collect & analyze personal data using a concept watch
  • A mobile app, constantly in sync with concept watch, to personalize music based on mood.

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Browse for Favorites

Allowing the listener to browse their favorite albums, artist, genre, etc. gives them the freedom to curate their music.

Based on listener's previous music taste the app understands music and automate music discovery.

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Mood-Music Analytics

Listeners view the relationship between their mood and music.

Color as representation of mood, using Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions.

Framer Prototype
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Share Music Stories

This feature lets listeners easily share 10 sec music clip.

A unique way to share their mood by sharing the music they are listening.

Bringing back Winamp visualization, which adds delight to music stories.

Framer Prototype
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Change Preferences Quickly

Listener's have an option to self report their mood.

Change the type of music they want to listen and quickly view Trending albums, artists, genre, etc.

Invision prototype

Let's listen to music

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